From the recording URGENCY (pt.1)

In 2016(?) I booked a day at a studio (Cool Devices), but didn’t tell them anything about me or details about what we were going to record. I gave my friend Glen an address and told him to show up there with a guitar, and no more info. Antics! Funny thing, he got to the studio before me, so I'm sure it was very awkward for everyone. Anyway, we learned and recorded two songs in an afternoon, and this is one of them. I liked the idea of seat of the pants, and you gotta walk away with something. Mike Throneberry (The Marked Men) and TVs Daniel Fried (Bad Sports, Radioactivity) were a part of the fun!
You'll have to tune some of those vocals in your own ear, its committed to tape that way. Character.
p.s. LOVE that guitar line.